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At NICKANDBUNNY we dedicate all our time and attention to YOU to give you quick and high quality results.



Originating from the creative minds of our artists, and then refined and polished by our designers and digital team, we’re here to offer you the perfect logo to make a bold and distinctive statement for your brand. 

Creating logos is the holy grail for a branding agency.  It’s an inspiring opportunity, the ultimate challenge, and a bestowed honor for our designers.  A logo’s visibility can’t be missed from websites as it is the foundation of a brand. Knowing this we approach every logo design with an inspired dedication to achieve perfection.

From pictorial, word mark, or letter mark logos, to combination, mascot, and abstract logos, we create anything you select.


There is nothing more impressive than a user-friendly, visually appealing website with easy to use customer interfaces and efficient responses to increase interaction and smoothen the process.

A well-designed website is inadequate without content. Equally, a website with high-end content is nothing without the right presentation. We make these two factors come hand in hand to create successful websites that have high levels of user engagement, and search engine rankings.

We strive to create an appealing website to enhance and boost your company’s business and reputation.


Browse through our exclusive range of our enhancing images, and our appealing and eye-catching cinematography skills that will be etched in your memory. We have a team of resourceful photographers and videographers with brilliant digital manipulation skills to cater to your needs.


Over 70% of our clients have discovered new organizations over social media, and we help you be part of that too! 

We use user-generated content to increase client-customer reach. It can also be the source of a warm-welcoming feeling for new and existing followers.

Work with us to create well-designed posts, interactive stories, and a well-organized feed to help build your business.



Our logo team is divided into two major units- creators and converters. The creators manually draw a few rough drafts of different styles of logos and then pick the best one that resonates with your brand and your liking. Our converters then transform those drafts into proportionate layouts to make digital renditions and choose the most appealing one which is the best fit for YOUR site. From pictorial, wordmark, and letter mark logos to combination, mascot, and abstract logos, we create anything you select.

Our web team branches out into 3 departments- content writers, editors, and designers. Our content writers fabricate suitably authentic content that accurately tells clients about your business. Next, our editors select proper fonts and edit photographs and videos which will be displayed on the site. From obtaining footage to innovating digital edits, we’ve got you covered. Finally, our designing team generates a layout of your site and arranges everything accordingly.

About us

Nick and bunny are two young entrepreneurs who drove their passionate yet spiffing ambition into making a business to help YOU boom your business and gain recognition. At Nick and Bunny, the workflow is strategic and well managed where we strive to ease your process of creating a website and give you guaranteed and quick results. Every member’s idea is carefully taken into consideration which adds creativity, originality, and diversity. We coordinate with our clients along every step of the way, from rough drafts to final layouts – taking into consideration all their requirements and producing the most suitable results, keeping in mind their aims and objectives.

We have a wide pro-grade skill set, everything from gathering footage to working on social media promotion, we provide everything.

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